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The PETRONAS Leadership Centre, which started out as an internal training department in 1979, has established itself as a top corporate learning hub and we are now expanding our expertise to the public. As a leadership institute, we have developed the finest range of learning and consultancy solutions and services to deliver impactful learning experiences.

Our vast array of cutting edge programmes ensures that there is something for all our participants at all levels. We strongly believe in building advanced competencies in human capital that will unearth not leaders, but transformational leaders in our participants.

Tucked away in a tranquil area of Bangi, lies the vast PETRONAS Leadership Centre campus parading top-notch facilities open to everyone. Equipped with grand meeting rooms, sports facilities and great accommodation, this is a hub for breakthrough learning and great conversations.

Learning Rooms
Roomy learning rooms (80 pax) provide ample space for breakthrough development.

Seminar Room
Hold a gripping talk or presentation in our seminar room capable of hosting up to 66 pax.

We offer meeting/seminar packages for RM98 per person. Rooms are available from 7.30 am-5pm inclusive of breakfast, 2 coffee breaks (with 3 types of snacks) and lunch.

The grand auditorium hosts up to 260 pax so lecture and seminar options are boundless.

Resource Centre
An oasis for knowledge; the resource centre is filled to the brim with top resources for your personal development.

Sports and Recreation Centre
Exerted minds need a break. Stay fit with our large array of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, as well as a mini stadium.

Relax from a hard day’s work with over 110 room choices (two-bedded and four-bedded)

Dining Hall
Enjoy an eclectic mix of local and international cuisine in our inviting dining hall.

Senang Shop & Café
A scrumptious way to start your routine! Now you can enjoy variety of coffees and healthy food at our café which is located near the dining hall.
Our menu includes coffee (ice blended or hot), sandwiches, pizza, pasta, fruits and snack foods.

For enquiries on rental of facilities and other related matters, please